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As human beings, the experiences we’ve had in life, good and bad, color our view of the world and have a lot to do with the quality of our relationships and our ability to live our life fully with joy, passion and commitment.  We can end up being partial or full slaves to limiting ideas about ourselves, others and the world.  My focus is on helping you enhance the quality of your present life, even with distressing “baggage” of past hurtful or even traumatic experiences.

My Counseling Approach:

While I am influenced by several established approaches to mental health therapy, my first priority is to strive to respond in a healing manner to the unique human being in front of me, which means that I am flexible as to how I respond and avoid following any set of rigid guidelines.   I am inspired and guided by a number of therapy traditions, including EMDR, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.    These approaches all entail helping you increase awareness of how your ideas and thoughts have shaped your view of yourself, the world and others.  In this way, you are in a better place to understand, and change, if needed,  behavior patterns that have not served you well.  I help you gain more awareness of how your underlying assumptions and thoughts relate to your behavior and also guide you in exploring past experiences, including those of childhood, in order to increase your  understanding of the roots of your behavior and thought patterns. 


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